Want to visit us, place a special order or have a fern question?

Fancy Fronds Nursery is open year-round by appointment.  Judith is also available to give witty, informative lectures on ferns, make plant recommendations based on your conditions, and to answer general questions about ferns and garden design.  Contact her directly:

Email us: fancyfronds@gmail.com

Call us: (360) 793-1472

Visit us!  We are open by chance (if we are home we are always happy to help) or by appointment.  If you have an appointment we will make sure to be home!  We are located down a private road at:

40830 172nd St SE

Gold Bar, Washington 98251




Fancy Fronds is a small family run business specializing in temperate ferns since 1981.

Judith Jones: Owner, sole proprietor

Felix Jones: Apprentice, facilities management and general labor

Judith is as hard to photograph as a hummingbird (all the shots come out blurry she's moving so fast!) but Pippington the cat graciously volunteered his photo

Judith is as hard to photograph as a hummingbird (all the shots come out blurry she's moving so fast!) but Pippington the cat graciously volunteered his photo


Fancy Fronds has been featured by the Seattle Times, the Everett Herald, Ciscoe's radio show, and recently on NPR.  Check out the links below for more reading about us:

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Fancy Fronds Nursery

40830 172nd St SE

Gold Bar WA 98251


PHONE: (360) 793 - 1472

FAX: (360) 793 - 4243



Infamous but not famous: the Fern Madame spills her spores

The daughter of a surgeon and a desert flora botanist, Judith Jones has always had a knack with plants.  Her obsession with Victorian literature and furniture eventually led her to discover the wide world of Victorian fern cultivation and taxonomy, an affliction from which she has never quite recovered.  Since the 1980s, Judith has named and introduced several new cultivars of ferns, and is a leading expert on the identification of temperate fern species.  She was mentored in Pteridology by Jimmy Dyce of the British Pteridological Society and lectured at the 125th Anniversary of the British Pteridological Society.  Judith is well past retirement age but nonetheless continues her  botanical rampage with unabashed abandon and is quoted as saying "as long as I can lift a a four-inch pot I will continue gardening!"


Judith has over 1000 taxa of ferns in her personal collection and is happy to answer questions about identification, cultural requirements, and other fern related trivia.

Felix is Judith's youngest son and has been her assistant and apprentice since 1995.  Felix is in charge of facilities maintenance, web administration, general labor, and fills in for Judith at plant sales and other events when we need to be in two places at once!


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