Leathery Polypody (Polypodium scouleri)

Polypodium scouleri frond.JPG
Polypodium scouleri frond.JPG

Leathery Polypody (Polypodium scouleri)

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This Pacific Northwest U.S. Native grows along the coastline from Washington to Northern California.  Stout, leathery lime green fronds emerge from a creeping rhizome green and fade to a deep waxy jade color.  This creeping evergreen doesn't mind sandy soils but does prefer to stay moist since it is used to growing in the humidity of coastal zones.

Frond Condition:  Evergreen; colonizing
Mature Height:  12-20" inches
Origin:  Coast Western North America
Cultural Requirements:  Partly Shaded, Full Shade, Evenly Moist, Slightly Moist
USDA Zones:  8,9,10

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