Welcome to Fancy Fronds Nursery. We are a small family run mail order nursery in Gold Bar, Washington that specializes in growing temperate ferns. We offer a wide selection of temperate ferns in North America with over 100 species cultivars in our commercial collection, including temperate ferns, Victorian cultivars, desert ferns, spikemoss and - coming soon - abutilons (flowering maples).  We carefully pack and ship our ferns in the spring and fall to ensure they arrive safely and in good condition.  We are also more than happy to help you select ferns perfect for your USDA zone that will thrive in your garden. Ask us if you have questions!


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This month's featured fern: Adiantum Venustum (Himalayan Maidenhair)

This month's featured fern:

Adiantum Venustum

(Himalayan Maidenhair)

Whether you are looking for a splash of color, texture, or just love gardening, we have the ferns for you!  Our plants are thoroughly established, correctly identified, and are not forced in heated greenhouses, making for specimens that are ready to thrive in your garden.  Live ferns are shipped during the spring  and fall to protect them from extreme heat and cold.

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Zephyrus, one of our pet griffins

Zephyrus, one of our pet griffins

In addition to our mail order offerings, we have a large selection of limited stock and seasonal items that are available at the nursery.  We are open year round by appointment (call us!), and located on the scenic Skykomish river off U.S. Highway 2 in Gold Bar, Washington


Upcoming Events and Fairy Garden Workshops

A touch of spooky on our deck

A touch of spooky on our deck

Not only is fall a great time to plant, its also time for our favorite holiday: Halloween! Check out which upcoming plant sales and lectures we will be at in the Seattle and Portland areas.


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