Shipping Rates and Schedule

We do not control the prices of shipping!  Rates are set at our local USPS office and are subject to variation.  We make every effort to program our website to accurately estimate shipping for your order; the base cost of shipping is $12.00, and the weight of each additional plant adds a few dollars.  We do not charge a packing or handling fee.  We do encourage a $20 minimum order to maximize the number of plants you will receive compared to the shipping cost!  Larger orders typically pay proportionately less in shipping.

If there is any discrepancy between what you are charged for shipping and the actual cost of shipping via USPS we will either include extra plants in your order or issue a credit toward future purchases.  If you have any issues with shipping, please contact us directly at:

We ship on Monday and Tuesday every week as soon as it gets warm enough, and we then stop when summer arrives (around early to mid June). Shipping will then resume in the Fall. We use this system to maintain optimal health for the plants. The size of the plant rootball is 4" unless otherwise specified on our website. This means that the plants are grown in 4" pots and have well established root systems for optimal health. 
We will not send you your plants if you request them to be sent during a time that would hurt the plants. We will send the plants as close to your requested ship date as possible. Your plants will only ever be shipped on Monday or Tuesday. If your order is placed during the late fall and it has become to cold to ship, we will not ship your plants until Spring. You may alternatively order in the spring. Orders received in the winter, of course are shipped first.  Feel free to make an appointment to come visit if you live locally and do not want to pay for shipping. We pack your plants carefully and properly to ensure that your ferns are happy on arrival. We want you and the plants to be happy when your order arrives!